One of the most common but easy to avoid mistakes I see in sales and marketing plans is not factoring in the primary motivation and pain that your target audience goes through on a daily basis.

Why is this important? Well, because it could cost you millions of dollars in sales and tens of thousands of wasted marketing dollars.

If you don’t clearly understand the psychology of your prospects, your headlines will flop, your ad copy will flop, your sales scripts will flop, and your listings presentation will flop.

I know those are dire predictions, but it’s the truth. That’s why, in my opinion, agents don’t use the right UVPs ( Unique Value Propositions) or worse yet, any at all because they don’t appreciate the importance of drilling into the psychology of consumers.

Here’s an example: There was a homeowner whose house expired after being on the market for six months. Now the seller is left wondering what is next. Should they list it again right away? Should they let it sit for a while and then relist? Should they get a second opinion? All these questions and more are floating around in the homeowner’s mind.

It’s most likely that the property did not sell because it was overpriced, had bad marketing and sales strategies, or poor negotiations, all of which can create negative emotions in the mind of the seller.

This is the point where your UVPs come in and are so important. Here are three simple but power UVPs you could use to mitigate all of that negative emotion:

Communication Guarantee- This will help the seller feel comfortable that you are a different type of agent.

55 Point Marketing Plan – This will separate you from your competition. What is common to you needs to be written out because it may not be common to homesellers.

Those are just a couple of examples. If you truly put yourself in their world, and design your marketing and sales around their needs instead of yours, then success will come your way.

You can find a sample of the best UVPs in the Ultimate Listing Machine Master Class under the “Marketing Strategies of the Top 1%” module. There you will also find a full breakdown of understanding the psychology of your prospects.

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