If you’ve been following the “$100k in 90 Days” coaching series hosted by Patrick Fenton, then you’re already among the exclusive class of real estate agents who do what it takes to position themselves as leaders in their market.

This post shares what Pat covered in one of the most recent episodes. Here’s what he said:

I’ll start today by telling a quick story because it’s an awesome story. We love the rags to riches stories; those come from behind stories. I know I do because I think most of us can relate. It’s a quick story about a good friend of mine, his name is Ray Higdon, and he and his wife Jessica own a company called Rank Makers.

Ray and I have similar backgrounds. I was introduced to Ray about 13 years ago by one of my real estate clients, Ryan Chiodo, out of Naples, Florida.

Ray was a speaker and platform sales guy for Whitney Education Services. Like most people who were in that industry, the mortgage meltdown and recession completely wiped out them out. I know it did for me as well. As Ray tells the story online, he “…ran into some problems, so life sucked for a while.” He was even facing foreclosure on his home.

But he just woke up one day and said, “You know, I just need to get my butt going and I need to reach people–engage people–because I am very talented and I have skills.  I have all this knowledge, but it’s just that nobody knows about it!”

He realized the cheapest, best way to get started would be through social media. So, Ray got a piece of paper out and vowed that he was going to do one video every single day, including Sundays. You know, Sundays when the Super Bowl is on, and you’re cooking and have all kinds of other fun things going on. The days when you don’t feel like doing work-related activities. Ray decided to do a video, and he committed to that every single day. His commitment was not just for two weeks, like most people do when they say they’ll go to the gym, a seminar, or class. Instead, his commitment was for every single day, day in and day out. I believe this was in 2010.

He started making a little bit of money, but obviously, it had a tidal wave of personal and financial problems that he had to address. But he just kept going, posting his videos day in and day out until he got more followers and attracted more people. At that point, he said to himself, “..great now I’m getting a following, but I’m I’m talking to like nine people.”  So while he kept doing his daily videos to attract  more followers, he also pulled together a little bit of money to place an ad. So now he’s actually running ads. Then he began to study online sales funnels and understanding the psychology of online sales funnels and learning how Facebook and Instagram worked.  He wanted to understand how to use the platforms to make money. His goal was to avoid all the traveling he had to do before.

All that said, while I don’t know exactly what Ray makes today (I’d estimate high six figures every month) he has an incredibly beautiful home in Naples, a beautiful wife, and baby He’s got a huge following now and his smashing it at his quarterly events.

I love that story; I love seeing people win.I love seeing people with their backs against the wall and fighting their way out of the corner. It goes to show you that you really don’t need money. Nobody came into Ray’s life and said “oh you know what, Ray’s $300,000 in debt and under foreclose on a home, let’s just invest in him.”  So he didn’t start with money he started with guts, desire and commitment.

He started by changing his routine and his habits, even when it wasn’t always what he wanted to do.  He was working diligently for little to no money at first. Brian Tracy talks about this when he says, “You have to work hard for a little while and put in more effort in the work than you actually will convert to dollars for a short period so that you can enjoy the sustaining benefits for the long run.” That’s a principle we all know.

When we work really hard it has this rippling effect, and it continues to spiral for us in a positive way.  That’s what Ray did.

So as you as real estate agents, how do we do what he did? How can we model that?

Watch the rest of Pat’s video to learn how real estate agents can model the success of agents like Ray, to take their business to greater heights.