Hi, my name is Bill Urasky from Homesmart Realty of Naperville, IL. I wanted to share some information about RAP Success Systems.

One of the key challenges that we face in real estate is that we don’t have enough leads. Most agents work their sphere, while others pay for leads from other sources. Not getting enough leads is probably our biggest concern.

When I was considering working with RAP Success Systems, my biggest concern was whether I would get an ROI. What’s my return on investment going to be based on how much I’m spending and how many good quality leads am I getting.

I found that the RAP System is a very good way to fill your pipeline. That’s more or less the results that I’m getting. You do get some people who you’re able to cherry-pick and get them to look for a property or list their home right away. Most of the time, though, you’ll need to put them into your pipeline. You’ll get opportunities that will play out in three to six months, sometimes even a year or two.

It just depends on the leads’ unique needs and their timeline. So following up with them is key. One of the specific outcomes from RAP Success Systems that I like so far is the drip email campaigns that they send. I can see which leads have opened the messages. The system will send you a text message or an email reminding you that you need to follow up with this client because they opened up your email. I think that is a very good process because you know that you’re working with people who are engaging with the communications that you are sending to them.

The other thing that I really like about the benefits that I received from RAPSS is that the leads are fresh and you have all the contact information you need. You’re able to help them if you’re needed. Best of all, you’re the first agent who’s able to call this prospect possibly. No other agent has the information on this client right here, right now.

So I find that by having fresh leads compared to leads that you would get from realtor.com Trulia, Zillow, Redfin etc., those leads typically are shopping around the internet looking at all the different sites and all the different agents. The RAPSS leads are fresh so I can work them by myself.  I’m not going to compete with a lot of other agents.

Your sphere of influence can only take you so far. You have to do something different to make things hit. So for me, the key is being the first one to be able to make that call to a prospective client.

The leads are very good but you still t need to be able to work them. The system is set up very very well. Everything is centralized in LionDesk. You have your own CRM where you’re able to do whatever you want to do. So, to send your own emails, if you want to you can put in all your information

Another benefit of the system is that you can get help from the RAPSS team at any time. Just give them a call and they’ll help you. They make sure you have the information you need.

You get the lead’s phone number, their address, and their email address. I’d say 95 to 97 percent of that information is all good; if you have the wrong contact information, that puts you at a bit of a disadvantage. You have to do more work. With the RAPSS system, you get everything.

So that more or less sums up my experience with RAP Success Systems. I think it’s a very good platform, the leads are fresh, great drip email campaigns. But again, don’t forget everything in real estate is about following up. If you follow up with your clients and you do what’s needed, then you’re going to get business out it.

Thank you very much, and you have a wonderful day