Adapted from article origianlly written by CHRIS DRAYER · 2019

Dirty, toxic data and bad leads are costing you money.   They can decimate marketing performance and devour salespeople’s confidence in leads.

Toxic data is not an uncommon problem. It’s across all industries and comes in all sizes.  It’s prevalent in our databases and it stifles our sales, infects motivation and wastes marketing investments.

The Informatica/Ascend2 survey, “Marketing Data Quality Trends Survey,” reported that the number one objective for marketers’ data strategy is “Improving Marketing Data Quality”.

Toxic Data & Bad Real Estate Leads are Killing Your Sales

Bad leads perform poorly in direct marketing efforts, as well as erode confidence in the lead source and the lead provider. Poor confidence leads to sliding sales motivation and thus the sales person uttering the dreaded  “I’m not even going to call those bad leads” …. leading to poor results across the board for marketing and sales.

As I wrote in Loving Ugly Leads: “There are lots of bad leads.  Perhaps you’ve received a lead named Al Coholic, or Seymour Butz?”

These are pretty obvious, as are the ones with profanity in the email address. No doubt you’ve also run into leads that are your colleagues in our industry? It’s not a good lead if they work for the real estate or mortgage company across the street.  It’s also a bad lead if it’s a duplicate entry – with one report saying that up to 33% of your database is duplicated. (Real Database Pro does not track this % but does automatically remove duplicate entries)

From our internal testing over the last year, excluding duplicates, Dirty Data accounts for more than 15% of the average mortgage or real estate database.  A small sample revealed 16.2% average “suspicious contacts” with some databases we’ve seen above 33% bad data.

Your Marketing and Sales efforts could be completely wasted 10-30% of the time, costing you 10-30% more off the top for every ad campaign, every direct mail and every sales call you make.

What you need, is a Database Detox.

Immediately, Real Database Pro sets to work formatting and processing your data.  No two database formats are the same, so frequently this is a time consuming process.  But not to worry, our data nerds love spreadsheets more than daylight. (or at least it seems to be the case)

Secondly, we digitally scrub the data.  In this process we remove the irritating disruptive contacts like spam, real estate and mortgage people, info@, @Airbnb, Donald & Daffy duck and any emails with profanity.  While we remove them from your database, we store them in a file labeled “suspicious contacts” for your reference – and so you can use the “suspicious” list elsewhere.

It’s quick. Data detox completion takes under 48 hours.

Once complete, you’ve made a significant improvement to the health of your database and already improved the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing and sales efforts.

The 48 hour Real Database Pro database detox is included at no extra cost as part of your Real Database Pro package.

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